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Synod 2021 - 2024

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The Synod Process... What is this?





Recalling our experience as a parish community


What experiences of your parish community stand out for you?

  • Celebration of Mass

  • Hospitality – all are warmly welcomed

  • Togetherness in fellowship

  • Involvement of Youth

  • Service of counselling



What joys did these parish experiences bring you?

  • Happiness, joy and appreciation

  • Sense of belonging to the family of God

  • Encouragement to attend Mass

  • Growth in faith and closeness to God

  • Hope for the next generation



What difficulties or obstacles have you encountered in your parish?

  • Sense of not belonging; equal treatment is not extended to all

  • The older heads are not willing to step down

  • Poor attendance at Mass

  • Absence of youth to serve in the smaller communities

  • Lack of willingness to volunteer/work along with leaders 



What wounds or hurts have you encountered?

  • Lack of trust as issues from childhood are not resolved

  • Feeling of being ostracized, betrayal, abandonment and jealousy

  • Rejection – if not active in ministry then ignored or treated as an outsider

  • Feeling side-lined after serving in all aspects



What do these wounds/hurts tell you about your parish?                                       

  • Church is not inclusive

  • Poor communication skills among members and communities

Gather the fruits to share


In these experiences, where is the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking most to you?

  • In building family through prayer and fun

  • In loving and caring

  • Creating a holistic development


What do you think the Holy Spirit is asking of us?

  • To listen and not be judgemental

  • To respect each other

  • To create an inclusive Church


Where do you think change is needed?

  • Self – more introspection

  • Young and Old need to learn to work together

  • Hospitality - must understand its role and value




What steps can be taken to bring about this change?

  • Faith formation  - emphasis on the Word

  • Attend to the needs of the poor – physical, spiritual and social



Whose voices are left out? Who is being marginalized?

  • The poor

  • The different and the indifferent

  • God/Word

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