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Hospitality Ministry 

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Hospitality Ministry 

The Hospitality Ministry purpose as all ministries is to the service of God and his people at St. Francis of Assisi RC Parish Sangre Grande.

The hospitality ministry team consist of young adults (ushers and greeters) and adult volunteers.

Our ministry is a bridge of warm, cheerful, welcoming and uplifting spirits, setting the tone in preparation for the mass. We assist with the smooth operation of Holy Mass as well as any other parish related events. 

All persons are welcomed to join but teenagers are encouraged to as hospitality concerns us all.

As our ministry teaches that service is one of the ways for our youth in the parish to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and understand what it means to be a young Catholic Christian in today's society. They also learn to instill good work ethics within themselves.

The future of this ministry hopes to see outreach to the sick and shut in parishioners. We also hope to collaborate with the Sick and Comfort Ministry to spread hospitality to the wider cluster.

If you are interested in joining the hospitality ministry, speak to one of the heads after mass. 

"Serving with Joyful Kindness"



From Left - Right: 

Chad Alonzo, Noelani Badal, Azariah Ignatius, Megan Ramjit, Brianna Manickram and Joshua David.

Team Leaders:

Azariah Ignatius
Megan Ramjit
Noelani Badal
Brianna Manickram
Joshua David
Chad Alonzo

Coordinating Teams are:
Leigh Basano
Carmille Jack- Badal
Shelley Homer-Toney




Members must be willing to be committed to this ministry on a fairly consistent basis.

  1. Must be 10 years or older

  2. Must regularly attend Mass – You can state which Mass you typically attend

  3. Must display a positive attitude.

  4. Must be able to arrive approximately 30 minutes to one hour before Mass

  5. Must be able to stay approximately 15 to 20 minutes after Mass if needed

  6. Must attend all required training sessions

Download the Form and submit to a Hospitality Member. 

Registration Form

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