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Altar Servers


SGAS Altar Servers

The Altar Servers Ministry is one of the oldest ministries being established in late 1892 within in the Parish of St. Francis, Sangre Grande. Since its re-branding in 2010, they are now known as the SGAS Altar Servers Ministry. Over the last few years, they were able to increase their membership drastically. Currently, there are 35 Altar Servers in the Parish and there are lots more who are considering in joining the ministry. 



Head Altar Server

Desiree Sammy

December 31st 2021 - Present

Altar Servers Coordinator 


Michele Lynch

Nicole Lynch

Kristian Luces 


Registration is Open!

To become an Altar Server you must:
1. Have been baptized and received the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation.
2. Attend Mass regularly and know the prayer responses and have a basic knowledge of
    the parts of the Mass.
3. Be able to attend Meetings and Trainings session at least 3 Saturdays in a Month.
4. Be able to serve when called upon.
3. Be able to work together in a team.
5. Be alert, attentive, disciplined, cooperative and reverent.

Touch the button below to Register to apply to Join the Altar Servers Ministry!


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