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Celebrating Marriage on the Feast of St. Joachim and Anne.

This is our SERIES on Celebrating Marriage on the Feast of St. Joachim and Anne.

We are going to meet some of the married couples💍 in our Parish. They are excited to share and we hope you are excited to hear their story. 🎉

Get ready to binge-watch!!!

Father Matthew's Teaching on Marriage

As be begin our series on celebrating marriage on this feast day of STs. Joachim and Anne, let us learn about marriage and family life from Fr. Matthew Ragbir as he explores Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia and other documents.

Ava & Ray Ramnath

Introducing our first couple. Mr and Mrs. Ramnath as they share their story and explore the joys of marriage.

Ivan and Wendy Serrette

Our second married couple is Mr. and Mrs Serrette. In this video they share on some of the sturggles that they have faced in their marriage and how they have managed to pull through.

Keith & Jenny John

Introducing our 3rd couple. Mr. and Mrs John, as they share their story on how they met and some of the struggles in their marriage let us listen and learn.

Marvin & Lisa  Clarke

Our 4th married couple. Listen as they share the sturggles they faced before they got married and how God has guided their relationship.

Michael and Elizabeth Serrette

Last but not least. Our final married couple. They will share on the joy of marriage and the seriousness of that vow they made to each other years ago.

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