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Pandemic Relief

We are asking for Donations / both of Cash and Food Items to distribute to persons who are severely affected by this Pandemic. 

With the funds donated we are hoping to purchase items in bulk to give to those families who are suffering from a loss of income. Every little bit counts...... 

If you would like to help us please message us so we can make arrangements.

We are working with the deadline of every 3rd Monday in the Month so that we can be on the ground soon after.


Donation will be accepted on a continuous basis because it is an on going project. 

Thank you in advance to everyone for your donations and your assistance in what ever way so that our ministry will be Successful.

Donations can be drop off at the Parish Office between Office Hours Tuesdays - Fridays between 9am - 12noon and 3:00p.m. - 5:00p.m. Please call to make arrangements.

Items Needed

Tomato Ketchup

Peanut Butter

Brown Sugar

Oats (Bale)

Hamper Bags


Guava Jam


Corned Beef


Bathroom Tissue le i

Vegetable Oil

Tuna/Luncheon Meat




Split Peas 


Toilet Paper

Snacks for Children

WhatsApp Us!

Message us or Call us if you would like to drop off your donations at the Church.

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